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Lingerie and Indian Women - A connection less explored

For the Indian women - innerwear v/s lingerie?

For a lot of Indian women (and men), what a lady wears inside her clothes is simply an undergarment or an innerwear. The part used to cover the bust is called the bra and the part used to cover the crotch area is the panty. It might include a few varieties of bras like push up, full cover and a few options in panties like hipsters. All of this is innerwear for women.

So, just like your daily clothes, innerwear is supposed to be used under your clothes every day. They're there to give support, keep things in place, and make you feel comfortable as you go about your usual business.

Lingerie is a more specific and often fashion-oriented subset of innerwear. Lingerie includes undergarments that are designed to be visually appealing, fashionable, and often alluring. While still serving practical functions like support and coverage, lingerie places a greater emphasis on style, design, and aesthetics. This category may include more intricate and decorative items such as lace bras, silk chemises, corsets, and other pieces that go beyond basic functional considerations.

You can consider lingerie to be innerwear’s fashionable cousin, called upon for specific purposes 😉

When do Indian women wear lingerie?

Lingerie options for Indian women have always been linked and limited to certain special occasions. More often than not, the first time an Indian woman thinks of buying any non-daily use innerwear, i.e. lingerie, is her marriage, or may be of a close friend.

This is usually followed by the ‘Honeymoon’, which calls for a few more sets of innerwear intended for non-daily use. And in most cases, it stops there.

What most Indian couples - both women and men - miss out on is the fun a good lingerie set can add to the bedroom!

Types of lingerie Indian women can wear in the bedroom

Wearing some nice lingerie will definitely make your time in the bedroom more exciting. The perfect lingerie set can make things more fun, add a bit of mystery, and make the room feel different. Whether you're picking out your first set or trying out different costumes, there's lingerie that can make your day or night better!

Here are some types of lingerie you can try -

Sexy Bras and Bralettes -

A good sexy bra or bralette is a must have in your collection of bedroom lingerie and can be a game-changer. Whether you want a cute bralette to go under a tank top or a sultry push-up bra for that extra oomph, it's all about finding one that fits well. The trick is to choose a bra that supports your unique breast shape.

If your twins like to stick close, go for a full coverage or underwire bra for a lift. For wide-set gals, wireless or demi bras with a bit of space between the cups are the way to go. So, find the right fit, and you're ready to rock your bedroom look!

Here is a bralette for you to try -

Naomi Sensual Black Bralette by Elecurve 

Also have a look at this sexy bra by Elecurve India -


White Angel Underwire Bra Panty Lingerie Set by Elecurve

Lingerie Sets -

Imagine lingerie sets as the VIPs of your bedroom lingerie wardrobe. Having a stunning set tucked away in your closet is like having a secret weapon for those special moments. And if the special moments are not coming by more often, a well-chosen lingerie set can elevate a normal night into a special one. So remember to keep a few of these handy anytime you want to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Elecurve India has some amazing lingerie sets, you can check them out here -

Floral Embroidery Underwire Garter Lingerie Set by Elecurve


Luxe Lingerie Nightwear set with Bra, Panty, Garter Belt & Stockings by Elecurve


Babydolls and Chemises -

Babydolls and chemises might look similar, but there are some small differences. Chemises are like a snug, body-hugging nightgown that goes down to about mid-thigh. On the other hand, babydolls are a bit looser, with a shorter length and often come with cups for extra chest support.

Both make your bust and hips look great and highlight your waist. With different styles and materials, you can find a babydoll or chemise that suits you. And guess what? You can even wear them over your regular bra and panties for a cool twist on your usual lingerie look in the bedroom!

We are sure you will like one of these 2 products from our babydoll collection -

Women Faux Leather Club Mini Bodycon Dress by Elecurve, available in Plus Sizes

Bodysuits & Teddies -

Think of bodysuits like the one-piece swimsuit of lingerie – they cover from shoulders to hips with a closure at the crotch. Some can even be paired with pants or skirts, giving you a top that stays put. Bodysuits are a cool alternative to wearing separate bras and panties. They shape, smooth, and support your bust. From lace to sheer, there's a bodysuit for everyone, cute and comfy.

Teddies are like bodysuits' flirty cousin, and many like to reserve them for the most special occasions of the bedroom. They often have sexy plunging necklines and are made from sensual materials like lace. Teddies come in different coverages, cuts, and closures, all designed to move with your body, making you feel both comfy and beautiful.

This is one of our best selling bodysuits, do have a look -

Pink Laced Premium Spliced Teddy Crotch Open Lingerie by Elecurve

Garters, Garter Belts and Stockings -

Back in the day, garter belts had a job – to keep stockings from slipping down. But nowadays, stockings can do that all by themselves. So, guess what? Garter belts get a new gig as a pretty, seductive add-on to your lingerie set.

But, here's the thing – you want to make sure your garter belt is doing its job right. It should sit nicely on your hips, be adjusted correctly, and, most importantly, feel comfy. Just like bra straps, the straps on garter belts are adjustable. So, you get to choose the length that feels just right for you. Easy, right!

Stockings might look a bit retro, but are one sexy accessory to have and add a whole lot of fun. Imagine mixing and matching them with bras and panties you already own – it's that simple.

With styles like lace, fishnets, or sheer, you'll easily find something that matches the vibe of the night. Stockings can also be the perfect partner for a teddy or babydoll on those special, intimate occasions.

Once you discover stockings that you adore, you'll find so many reasons to wear them.

Here is a stocking with garterbelt combo from Elecurve, do have a look -

Red Ruby Premium Feather Lingerie Set with Sleeves and Stocking by Elecurve


The most important question - where can someone get such amazing bedroom lingerie -

For decades before online shopping was invented, purchasing innerwear was never easy for women. Especially when almost all the seller shops had men selling at the counter.

Things have changed now, for the better. With easy availability of the internet in India, online shopping is easy for everyone - from people living in metros to the most distant towns in India.

While there are more than a few players in the innerwear space, in the domain of ‘premium bedroom lingerie’ or ‘intimate lingerie’, Elecurve is the name you can trust on.

Elecurve India is an online brand focused on intimate and premium lingerie with more than 100 designs live on their website and on Amazon India.

Happy shopping!

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