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The prerequisite for buying a bra: THE SIZE! How to find the right bra size?

You come home from a tiring day at the office or college. Exhaustion is at its peak and as soon as you get inside your bedroom the first thing that you decide to do is get rid of those shackles around your breasts. Finally, a sigh of relief! However, before tossing that important piece of clothing into the laundry basket or before shoving it inside the cupboard for good, do you ever wait and check whether even the sexiest bra for women carrying your precious breasts is compatible with your breasts or not?

In the rat race that we are running, girls often possess a spare set of responsibilities. All the feminists can relax here cause I am referring to our biggest burden: Our Bodies. In such a scenario it should be our utmost priority that we give our body the best possible treatment and the “instruments” required for that treatment.

My blog draws attention to an important and beautiful part of the female body: our breasts, bosom, mammary glands, ‘boobs’ and so on. Most importantly it’s about choosing the right kind of bra during bra online shopping that is required for healthy growth and functioning. It’s a gender-neutral and age-group-free blog, so make sure you give it a read with an open mind.

Remember that phase in life when breasts were a newly acquired entity in the body and we would keep pondering, “are they too big?”, “when will they grow?”, “what is the right bra size for me?”. The excitement of looking for the sexiest bra for women or trying to discover your taste. As we grew, we started getting so used to this feature of our body that it got subjected to neglect as well.

sexiest bra for women

The issue with most bras these days, even the sexiest bra for women is that they seem like permanent seat belts that women have to carry around. And the cherry on the cake is the discomfort caused by the wrong size and design of the bra.

Up to 80% of women, these days are wearing the wrong bra size. We cannot blame anyone in this case since breasts and anything associated with them immediately become a “hush-hush” business, however, with the recent trends in the lingerie industry, purchasing bras has become a much easier task with sexy online lingerie stores. The variety and the awareness regarding making the right choice for your breasts have been a helping hand in bra online shopping and offline too.

If we speak anatomically, breasts have no muscles, hence, if not supported correctly with the right kind of bra, they can result in premature or excessive sagginess, neck pain, and back problems and the downward weight can cause major strain on the throat and facial tissue. One of the most fatal and life-threatening diseases, breast cancer, can also be a result of wearing an inappropriate bra or no bra at all. Skin abrasions caused due to extremely tight bras are a massive discomfort for many ladies out there. It also causes blisters and calluses due to constant rubbing against your skin. Wearing the right size bra or even the sexiest bra for women that compliments your breasts helps keep slouching among teenage girls at bay. In general, it provides good posture and blood circulation.

bra online shopping

When bra online shopping or offline, it is essential to consult a bra fitting expert, who will help you navigate through your choices according to your needs. Many sexy lingerie online stores like Elecurve provide measurement charts to keep you informed. This kind of bra fitting measurement should be done every six to twelve months so that you know your body and its needs.

Getting professionally measured is essential before buying any bra, especially now that breast cancer is becoming a rampant problem among so many women.
How do we find out whether even the sexiest bra for women is right or not? Some easy tricks and techniques are:

Make sure your bra supports you from beneath and not the shoulder straps. We don’t want those proud shoulders to slouch!

Make sure that there isn’t any cup spillage. Two boobs are all we need!

Try slipping in two fingers between the bra strap and the rib cage, if they easily fit in, bingo, the bra test is completed!

The underwire or the strap of the bra should fit in with your ribcage like a jigsaw puzzle. The bra and boobs can then live and let live!

sexiest bra for women

Finally, after ensuring these steps, you can get yourself a perfectly fitting, sexiest bra for women that will make that sizzling outfit you picked out for a party even more ravishing, or comfortably go for the town marathon that you have been practising for months now. The liberation accompanied by health safety from sexy lingerie online stores will make handling a tiring day easier for you.

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