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What’s Popping In the Lingerie Section? Latest Lingerie Trends 2022

First thing first, if you’re reading this blog thinking “oooohhh, it’s exclusively for the ladies!”, DON’T. Guys and gals, staying updated with the latest lingerie trends are essential. For the ladies, it's pretty obvious why, but the gentlemen need to keep updated too in order to understand what’s working and what’s not, and if you’re planning to get intimate with her, then this knowledge might just help you spice things up.

Okay, get this….lingerie trends should always be considered, most importantly, from a comfort, hygiene and practicality standpoint. We don’t wanna expose the private parts to something that might make them cranky and cause some bad (temper) reactions. The ladies know how annoying a bad bra or a tighty undie is! A nightmare. But our sizzling, sexy lingerie online store, Elecurve, has made sure to keep these factors in mind while curating this list of the latest lingerie of the year, from the first quarter as well as the upcoming one!

Embrace yourselves because it isn’t just limited to a padded bra and panty set but we have a lot more in store for you. So make sure when you go for bra online shopping or offline shopping, you have this trendy list with you. Pssst…pssst… at Elecurve, you’ll find these trends in plenty cause at the core, we are that sassy, sexy, sensuous diva too!!

Let’s go!

bra online shopping

1. Bejeweled beauties: These beauties are adorned with pearls and sequins that resemble rubies and diamonds. Mostly against a subtle background color like black, beige, white or gray, these add a glamourous dazzle to your innerwear. This is the perfect way to spice up things in the bedroom or if you are the kind who likes to kick off by getting rid of the clothes and going free in the room. Lingerie that can totally doll you up!

sexy lingerie online store

2. The bold-colored babies: Bold colors in lingerie have been around for a while but have gained popularity only in recent years due to the modish bikini trends endorsed by celebrities. Guess what? They were all in bold colors. Your lingerie collection could totally include these. And they do have a confident yet soothing impact on your entire look internally and externally. Your neons, pinks, orange, bright pinks, catchy reds, print or no print, cotton, lace or stain, you pick.

padded bra and panty set

3. The scandalous garter belts: It’s unfair how much backlash these receive simply because a few critics have labeled them as “too bold” or “vulgar”. Our sexy lingerie online store believes in flaunting them and bearing them with pride. The variety and options in this category are immense. Check out Elecurve to see more. The sultry and teasing aura that they give any woman is remarkable and praiseworthy. Do not think you need to save them for special occasions. Just strap them on with your favorite gown or dress and you can rock the look!

sexy bra and panties

4. Retro and the reinvented classics: These are a combination of cute and sexy. They scream the phrase “less is more”. The best part is the prints that they come in. Lacey florals, polka dots, and the plain subtle colors adorned with belts and much more. Pair them with buckled heels and you’re beach ready too! Our bra and panty sets online have a glimpse of this retro vibe and in fact, our sexy lingerie online store has a gorgeous piece for you that totally falls under this category.

Bra online shopping

5. Bombshell bodysuits, lacey camisoles and cottagecore: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Putting them in the same category seems unfair cause each one is so splendidly gorgeous giving you a modern victorian model-like look. A lot of these can be paired with a pair of jeans and voila! You’ve got a corset look too. Since they help cover your upper area with that extra edgy and curvy look, we decided to put them in a similar range. When you’ll go bra online shopping at Elecurve, you’ll come across the most amazing pieces of these lovelies. So make sure you check them out.

The sexy lingerie online store, Elecurve, proudly presents it’s 2022 lingerie collection that is only meant to swipe you and your partner off their feet with its sensuality, diversity and romantic vibes. So make sure your next bra and panty sets online shopping has us as a stop.


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